Cumulative Annual Water use

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The water usage in the Kaleya Sub-Catchment is mainly used for Irrigation and Livestock. The overall cumulative water usage from the year 2011 to 2018 amounts to 29,044,895.60 cubic Meters. The cumulative volumes for the specific seven (7) year period are such that; the Volume used during the 2011/ 2012 Farming Season amounted to 3,187,936.00 cubic meters, the season 2012/2013 Volume amounts 2,660,304.00 cubic meters, the season 2013/2014 Volume amounts 4,923,925.60 cubic meters, the season 2014/2015 Volume amounts 2,285,848.00 cubic meters, the season 2015/2016 Volume amounts 5,032,400.00 cubic meters, the season 2016/2017 Volume amounts 5,779,785.00 cubic meters and the farming season 2017/2018 Volume amounts 5,174,697.00 cubic meters.

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