Catchment Climate Characteristics

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The Climatic trends of the catchment are such that, the rainfall regime averages as 750mm with highest record of 1,160mm and 450mm as lowest rainfall recorded per annum. Monthly temperatures range between 26 and 16 Degree Celsius, thus;( Jan, 22.3, Feb, 21.6, Mar, 21.2, Apr, 20.4, May, 18.4, Jun, 16.4, Jul, 16.2, Aug, 19.3, Sep, 23.5, Oct, 25.8, Nov, 26.0, Dec, 23.8). The Catchment's relative humidity and wind speed are approximated between 82% in February, 31% in September and 4.39m/s in September, 2.17m/s in the month of February respectively for the period of 37 years. Potential Evapotranspiration for the Upper Kaleya Sub-Basins ranges from 185.0 mm and 330.4mm for maximum values; for the minimum values the Potential Evapotranspiration is between 102.8mm and 183.5mm and the mean catchment Potential Evapotranspiration is between 134.7mm and 223.9mm. The effective rainfall for evapotranspiration ranges between 0.0mm (Min) and 201.4mm (Max) and a mean of 62.5mm.

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