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The rapid water quality assessment during the year 2018 for selected sampling points was as follows:- Kaleya River at Water valley had pH values above the ZABS upper limit (8.0) for December 2017 and February 2018 sampling campaigns of 8.06 and 8.31 respectively. Kaleya at Flat bridge also had a pH value above the ZABS upper limit (8) for the December sampling campaign of 8.13. While Kaleya at GNRB had a pH value of 8.24 above the ZABS upper limit (8) for March sampling campaign. In March, Kaleya River at the source had a value of 6.34 which was below the allowable limit of 6.5 by ZABS. The rest of the pH values fell within the permissible limits. The highest pH was recorded on Kaleya at Water valley sampling point with the values of 8.31 in February. Though the pH value recorded in December 2017 at the same sampling point was slightly high, the increase in the value could be because of runoff from the nearby farm into the stream.

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