About Kaleya Catchment

The Kaleya portal was designed and developed through the memorandum of understanding between the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) and Solidaridad for the purpose of mitigating the water usage in the Kaleya Catchment. It is a platform for information sharing and an on-line information monitoring system for the individual water users in the Kaleya Catchment. The portal helps in individual water usage tracking while at the same time water users share what current status of different kinds of catchment information. On the Portal, both commercial and individual non-commercial water users will be able to login with private credentials and have their own working dashboard and can choose what to share to the public. Among other attributes of the Portal is the Research wall, which will allow members of the Kaleya Catchment to post and upload different kinds of studies/research findings to the Kaleya water user audience.


The Water Resources Management Authority's (WARMA) Mission is to Effectively Regulate, Manage and Develop Water Resources for All Users in Zambia. While the Vision being to ensure that Zambia's Water Resources are used for Optimal and Sustainable Social and Economic Development.



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This website is for Kaleya sub-catchment data sharing Visit WARMA website